We studied Car insurance rates in New York

We studied Car insurance rates in New York to provide local drivers with more information about ensuring their vehicle in the state.


Our research has shown that there is meaningful variation in prices, by which companies get their quotes from drivers, and where they live in New York. For example, in the Hampstead city, the cheapest Car insurance rate on the most competitive company was $ 5,370 lower than the quotes from the most expensive provider.


Cheapest Car Insurance in New York In our 30s, we calculate the annual rates for each company for each sample with a safe driving record in the average of 100+ cities of quotes for a single sample person.


Below are five companies with the lowest car insurance quotes for our male driver. The most affordable car insurance companies rank the table with the most expensive. Due to the different nature of Car insurance, the quotes you get after depositing your profiles and separate coverage limits will be entirely different.


Cheapest Car Insurance in New York Our research reviewed quotes from 16 companies in our 105 cities for our two sample drivers and disclosed the most competitive car insurance companies in each town.


Even drivers in a nearby suburb in New York City, Hampstead or Nassau County have affordable rates if they know where to look. This table starts with the ten most crowded places in New York and begins again with the rest in alphabetical order.


Drivers looking for the contemptible car insurance rates in New York City should start with GEICO, Nationwide, and Erie. These three providers have the lowest prices for civil drivers.


Progressive and state-form are also attractive options. On average, these three companies charge annual fees of $ 2,063 for our sample driver, which is 44% cheaper than traditional insurer’s payments in NYC.